2013 Summer Coed Volleyball Camp Home Schoolers


       Calling all volleyball players! We have a great Summer Camp planned this year full of great fun and awesome coaches. Please consider joining us whether you’re preparing for a team tryout or improving your skills for your church rec games or just want to have fun and meet new friends.     

       Camp will be held at Westminster Christian Academy. July 31-August 3rd, Wednesday–Friday, 6:30 pm–9:30 pm, and Saturday, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Players will be divided into 3 courts according to age, ability and height. The cost is $68 per person with the following exceptions:


Only $48 for:

LIGHTS, Intensity, Panthers, and Patriot Soccer and Basketball players

A Second sibling

Only $38 for:

3rd or more siblings (up to 10)

A child of a pastor

Players 16 or older

       For those interested, I have attached an application. To hold your spot please fill out the application and mail it with a check to me. I am happy to answer questions.


Patty Yager, IMPACT, CAP I, and CAP II Certified

Athletic Director and Varsity Coach

St. Louis Christian Patriette Lights

Girls Varsity Volleyball Program






Patty Yager

            Athletic Director and Varsity Coach

St. Louis Christian Patriette Lights

Girls Varsity Volleyball Program




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Lights Summer Volleyball Camp

******************EARLY   BIRD SPECIALS******************

Players who register   before May 20th pay only:

$80 for Girls   ages  9 – 14

$40 for Girls ages 15 –   19

Lead Coaches on each   court get up to 3 of their own children FREE!

Assistant Coaches pay   only HALF PRICE!


St. Louis Christian

Patriette Lights


June 11-14

2:30 pm– 5:30 pm

Monday thru Thursday   Afternoons

GIRLS AGE 9-19, at C4

If you are interested   please print the application on one page only and mail it with a   check to:

 Patty Yager

2 Clydesdale Ct.

St. Charles, MO 63304

 at (314) 566-3667 10yagers@att.net


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Patriette Lights Girls Volleyball Clinic

The   Patriette Lights 


Clinic   for girls

8 Weeks Feb. 24th  April 20th

2:00-4:30 pm on Fridays

At the Renaud Spirit Center

On HWY K which is 2 miles West   of Chesterfield on Hwy 40

2650 Tri Sports Circle,     O’Fallon    63368

USA Volleyball Certified   Coaches

This is REAL Volleyball

A great opportunity to   Learn the Basics

Beginners and Experienced   Players Welcome

Log Gym Hours

Basic Skills Training, Fun   Games, and Scrimmages                             5th   Grade and Up

 Cost $80 for first person, $60 for   the second, Free for the third

To sign up fill out the   application and mail with your check to:

Patty Yager

2 Clydesdale Ct.

St. Charles, MO 63304

(314) 566-3667  or    10yagers@att.net

Christian   Volleyball T-Shirt Included!

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Hello world!

Patriette Lights Girls Volleyball Team Q & A

When is the regular season?

Varsity     July 31st – October  30th ,

Wash U Team Camp June 25-28

Six Conditionings in July

JV            August 4th – October 12

JH           August 7  – October 12th

What is the cost?

$40 per month for 5 months, June through October

(Junior High only pays for 3 months)

plus Uniform Fee

Why is it lower than the other programs?

The Car Wash helps to reduce costs, as well as God’s Blessings and careful planning.

How many volleyball events will there be per week?

Varsity – average 3- 4

Junior Varsity – average 2

Junior High – average 1-2

Where will the team practice?

Most practices will be at Westminster Christian Academy for V and JV

JH will practice at a school in Francis Howell School District

What days do you practice?

JH practices on Tuesday evenings

JV practices Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Varsity practices Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday afternoons

At the end of August matches begin to replace V and JV practices.

When are tryouts?

June 15th from 2:30-4:30 pm at C4 in Creve Coeur near 270 and 40

What is the cost of tryouts?

Tryouts are free

What if my daughter is out of town on that day?

We will work out alternate arrangements.

My daughter’s never played volleyball before, is it possible that she could still make the team?

Yes, it’s likely. About half the girls trying out have never played on a real team before. We will train them at practice if they make the team. There are multiple levels of play beginners through club.

Will they wear those typical immodest volleyball shorts?

No! They won’t be allowed even at practice. The team uniform will consist of regular shorts – with approximately a 5 inch inseam.

My daughter has to miss one night a week,  can she still make the team?

It is possible.

What kind of team is this anyway?

This is a Christian volleyball program that seeks to honor God above volleyball.

Who will you pick for the team?

We are looking for girls with the desire to learn and have fun.

Will these be competitive teams?

Yes, Varsity and JV are competitive. Junior High is developmental.

I would like my daughter to have playing time, how many girls will there be on each team?

Each team will have between 8-12 players so everyone will have playing time.

Who do you play?

Generally, the local private Christian schools and sometimes home school teams.

What is the policy on playing time?

We believe each player should get at least 25%  playing time in each match unless they have missed practice. Of course the stronger players will play more on Varsity and JV because they are competitive teams.

Will we have to travel out of town?

There is only one spend the night out of town tournament for the Varsity only. The other tournaments and matches can be driven to in a day.

How old do you have to be to try out for this program?

At least 10 going into 5th grade.

What should I do if my daughter/daughters want to tryout?

Please fill out the attached application and mail it as soon as possible to:

Patty Yager

2 Clydesdale Ct.

St. Charles, MO   63304

What if I have more questions?

No problem. Call Patty at 314-566-3667 or write at 10yagers@att.net

Will you accept walk-ons at Tryouts?

Yes, but they may not get a team t-shirt in the size they prefer and will have to have their number added to the back.





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